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Marc Olson

Marc Olson is lead vocalist for The Legendary Hitchhikers. Marc grew up in ChicagoLand, where his hodge-podge of musical influences included everything from Jethro Tull to James Taylor, Pink Floyd to Cat Stevens, and daily doses of what is now referred to as classic rock. But Tom Petty was always alive and well in the mix, so his eyes got wide at the chance to hook up with a tribute to TP.  tlh-fullband

Marc is also a prolific songwriter. Since 2007, he has led an all-originals rock band (Odin’s Other Eye) and in 2009 he founded the nonprofit, Musicians In Action-CO which mobilizes local musicians to aid Colorado’s homeless.


James von Kreuter 

Jim plays lead and rhythm guitar as well as providing some vocals. An east coast native, Jim has been a musician since the age of five starting on piano and then switching to guitar at age 11. His early influences were Jimi Hendrix, Rolling Stones, Allman Brothers, Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, Led Zeppelin, and Pink Floyd to name just a few.






Donnie Gossett

Donnie Gossett has been making music since the 1970s with over 900 live performances in 15 different countries.  Donnie founded a leading Canadian band at age 16 that went onto tour across Canada and the USA.  At age 18 he toured 9 Asian countries plus Alaska and Hawaii for 5 months.  Donnie has gone onto play at many major venues including at the Waikiki Bowl in Honolulu, Hawaii, Disneyland, the World’s Fair, the 2010 Paralympic Games (part of the 2010 Olympic Games), many more.  He also toured across the U.S. in the band of Grammy-winner, Reba Rambo, worked in the studio and live with Grammy-winner, Sandra Crouch and opened shows for singer B. J. Thomas and for his mentor, the late Larry Norman.

DonnieGossett2Donnie has written 500+ songs, plays guitar, keyboards, bass, drums and vocals and he has contributed to over 60 albums as a musician, producer, arranger and engineer at leading Canadian recording studios including Mushroom and Little Mountain Sound.  After spending most of his life in Vancouver playing with many of Canada’s best musicians, Donnie has recently moved to Denver and is already highly involved in the Denver music scene.



Norris Schleeter

The Legendary Hitchhikers’ drummer Norris Schleeter has been recording and performing in the Denver area since 1991. Since picking up his first drumsticks at age 10, he’s enjoyed the challenge of playing all types of music, from jazz to country. Norris has performed in front of large and small audiences alike, on both acoustic and electronic drums.


He prefers to play his vintage 1983 Tama Superstar drum set at live shows due to the authentic sound and cool look of that era. He was with the country band Renegade for several years, and with the Journey cover band, Lights, Norris has been featured on Denver TV, major club venues around the state, and at major outdoor summer concerts.




Brion likes trains…





Marc and Doug at the Isle of Capri Casino in Black Hawk, CO.

Marc and Doug at the Isle of Capri Casino in Black Hawk, CO.



angelle singing-2









Brion Neill

Brion Neill brings the keys and other fun stuff to the Hitchhikers.  He’s a classic rock man through and through, with an extra dose of influence by Pink Floyd.


Doug Moe

Doug Moe is a founding member of the Legendary Hitchhikers, making random appearances as available.  This left-hander brings his sweet tones and touch to fill out the strings section and capture the dynamic essence of Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers.




Angelle Marie Rose

Angelle also returns to the Hitchhikers now and again, providing some of Colorado’s best backing vocals and original harmonies.  When not on stage, Angelle maintains a professional pet care business and has a strong fitness ethic.



Cool history about our band name!

The name Legendary Hitchhikers comes from a song by Elvis Costello called “Waiting For The End Of The World” from his album My Aim Is True:

Things got back to normal as the train began to roll again.

We got to the station about twenty minutes later.

The legendary hitchhiker says that he knows where it’s at.

Now he’d like to go to Spain or somewhere like that,

With his two-tone Bible and his funny cigarettes,

His suntan lotion and his castanets.

He was waiting for the end of the world,

Waiting for the end of the world,

Waiting for the end of the world.

Dear Lord I sincerely hope you’re coming

‘Cause you really started something.

Here’s what we didn’t know until AFTER we had chosen the name–which is pretty cool considering that we have been Denver’s tribute to Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers since 2012:

Back in the 70’s, Phil Seymour was a drummer and co-leader of The Dwight Twilley Band, which you may or may not have heard of…they had a bit of success. Seymour left the band in 1978 to pursue a solo career, while Twilley has continued as a solo artist. Seymour, who passed away in 1993 of cancer, did a lot of things musically between 1974 and his death. Of interest in Seymour’s career outside of the Dwight Twilley Band:

  1. He recorded 2 solo albums. Neither sold particularly well.
  2. Seymour also recorded an album with an unknown band 2 years before his death that was released on cassette only and sold about 10 copies. That band was called The Legendary Hitchhikers.
  3. And going back to the late 70’s, Seymour was hired to sing backup vocals on the debut album by a good friend of Dwight Twilley’s named Tom Petty.

So the background vocals you hear on the debut album by Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, particularly those on “Breakdown” and “American Girl” (both of which we play), are sung by Phil Seymour, who ended up recording an album years later with an unknown band called The Legendary Hitchhikers.

Just thought you all might dig a little history about our name!

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